Summer Art Camp


For those interested in or entering Contemporary Art at ESA

July 8-12, 9am to 2.30pm

 Students entering ESA Contemporary Art in September 2019, people thinking of applying in January 2019, and those interested in discovering how we approach art making are invited to spend a week with us this July.    

Future grade nine students appreciate the opportunity to become acquainted with classmates, practice travelling to the school, familiarizing themselves with the environment, getting a sense of our expectations, experimenting with materials and process and approaches, and being introduced to a condensed version of our best-in-world program.  

Sumer Art Camp has proven to ease anxieties surrounding transitioning to high school.  This is a great way to make friends and begin to feel at home.  For those not coming to our program in September, it is a wonderful opportunity to meet inspiring people and practice art making.  We will spend time understanding why we make art, promoting an understanding of contemporary art, artists, and art practice, looking at art, learning from current and former students, and building the community that may assist you throughout your life time.  Participants will begin several projects, develop skills in speaking about their work and exchanging ideas during critiques, experiment, get to know some of the older Contemporary Art students, and look at a wide range of contemporary art.

Camp will be modeled on the approaches and processes that have resulted in paradigm shifting results in attracting opportunities and scholarships for generations of our students.  Camp is a great way to begin our intense and exciting process and has proven to accelerate success in grade 9 and beyond.

For more information contact Matthew Varey at