Summer Camp will take place July 10-14 2017.  

Camp is both for those entering esava the following September and those interested in finding out what we do in the program.  The camp takes place at ESA - 675 Royal York Road, Toronto from 9am to 2.30pm.

For those entering our visual art program, ESAVA Camp provides the opportunity to get to know your classmates, feel more comfortable travelling to the school, familiarize yourself within the environment, experiment with a wide variety of materials and process and approaches, and be introduced to a condensed version of our program.  It is really fun and we make some great work.

This camp will feature a version of the process that has lead to world leading results in attracting scholarships for grade 12 students at Etobicoke School of the Arts – more than $25 million in the past seven years.  

We had a record year in 2016 2017, with a single grade 12 student receiving more than one million dollars in scholarship offers for the first time ever, student work shown in museums in the USA and the UK, the opening of our own gallery in downtown Toronto + the first seven shows, the inauguration of our ESA only pre-college program at the School of Visual Art in New York City, and our largest ever Portfolio Day with 64 post-secondary schools and programs sending more than 110 representatives who worked with our grade 12’s for a remarkable ten hours.  Thank you to those who joined us on May 25th for our most successful End of Year Art Show to date, which was seen by more than 1200 people and saw dozens of works sold. 

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Thank you!